Download Your Free – Signs you are Codependent and don’t know, 10 Red Flags

What about me?

This Guide is for you if:

You seek approval of others, through rescuing, people pleasing and fixing? Partners and family members?

You grow up in a household with an untreated addiction? Or a narcissistic parent?

You are in an abusive relationship (or have been in one) that you know you should leave?

You are or in the past you have enabled a friend, child or loved one to stay in their addiction? Or protected them from the consequences of their behaviour?

You fill your free time up worrying about others or doing for others (Partners, Children and siblings) because you feel anxious when alone with your thoughts and with nothing to do?

You suffer from Shame and feel you are not enough?

This guide will show you step by step:

⭐If you are Codependent

⭐ Where Codependency comes from

⭐What you can do about this issue, what options are available for help and support