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It can be hard to figure out if we are codependent and what we can do to arrest this behaviour. If we grew up in families with addiction, we can think our behaviour is normal, as all the family “behave like this”. However, when we enter our adulthood, we see over time how life is maybe “not working” for us, or it is “unravelling” and we don’t understand why. Also, just to note, we can be codependent and not have grown up with addiction in dysfunctional families where problems were never addressed or spoken about.

Also, if we fail to really grasp the ramifications of codependency, you might find yourself on the losing end of relationships with partners and friends – and that you are left emotionally, possibly financially bankrupt too.

I offer a private and totally confidential call to those looking to explore this issue, or understand more about codependency.  We will look at how it is affecting your life, the cost to you, and how you can go about dealing with the issue. If I am the right person to work with you, together we will create the best personalised strategy for you to live your best life.

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