Spotting Goodness

As a codependent, my inner critic is loud and strong. Since I started on the voyage to recover from my childhood and my co-dependency, I have learned that this negative voice in my head was my parents voice and not my true self.

Realizing this has been a game changer for me in life. I now know that I can be who I am, and live the life of my dreams. Much is possible.

However, if my self-care and focus on me takes a back seat, I can become excessively critical towards others, meaning that I go in the wrong direction without realizing this initially. I am very good at spotting mistakes, but I have had to learn that it is equally good to develop the skill of spotting goodness. My childhood impaired my radar for discerning the good from the bad, but over time, working on me, my radar is the best it has ever been.

If I can see what is good in others, or in situations, and go beyond the curtain of negativity, I feel better about myself. If I constantly think “he or she is wrong”, I create a barrier which blocks me from reaching my own goodness.

Food for thought, look for goodness!

Warmest wishes, Maria.

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